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Our Services

Help & Guidance

We can assist with your utility problems such as:
• Delays • Damage • Wayleaves & Easements • Stopping Up • Connection Procedures • Loading Calculations for Water and Electricity

Contact us with your query by telephone: 01189 884 884 or email:

Cost Recovery

If you have paid for statutory undertakers’ works we can advise on refunds.

Contact us if you have paid for a:

• Pipe diversion • Cable alteration • Substation Relocation • Reinforcement • Infrastructure charges • New Connections • Mains Requisition • High Pressure Pipeline • Utility alterations for section 38 vehicle access works • Utility alterations for section 278 road works

Applications for New Connections

If you are constructing a new development, we can obtain competitive prices for substations, connections and mains laying.  We understand the need for reliability and the pressures of timing.
Contact us to discuss your proposals.

Appraisal of Development Land

If you are looking to acquire land for development or prepare a bid at the pre-construction stage, we can provide an appraisal that gives our opinion on the utility works and ballpark costs that may be involved.