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About Us

NRSWA Ltd specialise in the cost, design and regulation of utility infrastructure. Established in 1992, we are a Lloyds quality approved company.

‘NRSWA’ stands for the ‘New Roads and Street Works Act’ 1991, a law that was introduced to regulate works carried out by statutory undertakers in the street. Its introduction heralded a new era of privatisation in the utilities industry. In preceding decades, the UK’s electricity, gas, telecoms, water and sewer networks were owned by the state. For those who remember, utility works were at that time carried out under a law known as ‘PUSWA’, the Public Utilities Street Works Act 1950.

Privatisation saw the nation’s assets divested to privately-owned companies, tasked with a duty to generate profits and gratify shareholders. However, as most of the newly-privatised utility companies were monopolies, legislation was devised as a mechanism to protect customers from uncontrolled profiteering.

Progress during the subsequent decades has led to many changes in regulations. Our team at NRSWA keep up to date with current developments to assist housing developers and those working in the construction industry.

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  • construction site cost reviews
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